In this world of increasing technological advancements, it amazes me how we, in this present time, still clamour for more time to help optimise our productivity. It seems as though we now live in a paradox of life. When we had crude technologies, we spent more time doing jobs that can now be done instantly. We had no need to manage time. We enjoyed the days as they came, spending quality t日本藤素 ime with the people that really mattered to us. But in this world of fast cars, instant messaging and work-made-easy gadgets, we seem to desperately want the earth to orbit around the sun a little slower than it already is.

Well, different eras come with their unique features which we incorporate into our daily lives to enable us maximise our level of productivity. When planning to spend this precious commodity called time, what are the basic things to consider? Now, I am going to share with you my philosophy and time management procedures that have helped me to get to this point of success, in hopes that it helps you navigate through your days in an orderly fashion.

My personal philosophy is hinged on three core aspects of life: the soul, the body and the mind. You see, no matter how important or taxing my official activities are, I often make sure I nourish these three aspects of my entire being . You might ask, ‘why are these aspects necessary for one’s all-round development?’ The answer is not far-fetched. Here is a peek into my optimal daily activities.

My daily routine begins with the rejuvenation of my soul through communing with my Maker. This ‘early morning rendezvous with God’, as I like to call it, has a way of causing a storm of positive forces to rage fiercely within my soul. I say so many reaffirmations to help keep my faith strong and keep me on that success-destined path that will enable me achieve my ultimate goal. I spend time reading the Scriptures and meditating as well.

Immediately I am done with that, I go out to jog. Maintaining your health is a crucial investment you have to make. The more you exercise, the healthier you become. You develop robust immunity that can help you fend off disease-causing germs. Not only that, regular exercise releases feel-good hormones which makes you feel happy about yourself and influences your confidence level. A twenty-minute run can help you keep a positive attitude throughout the day. At the end of the day, you realise that exercise is indeed a great investment which everyone needs to make.

The Bible, in a striking comparison between the body and the soul, says that ‘physical exercise profits a little’. This reveals to us how vital people of the old thought of exercise two millennia ago when scientific knowledge was as sparse as trees on an arid land. It is quite important for you to take charge of your health. See your health as a yardstick for measuring your success.

The third of the three essential cores of my philosophy is the enlightenment of one’s mind. This has been instrumental in my personal development. You might think the saying ‘readers are leaders’ is cliché, but the philosophy behind the saying still holds true. Believe it or not, the era of ruling brawls is long gone and has inevitably paved way for the era of the brains. I gained so much enlightenment through reading. I create a reading plan to help me cover a lot of self-development books and spend time watching motivational videos on YouTube. Reading self-development books creates room for one to carry out what we, in the business world, call ‘Action Learning’, where you put what you have learnt into action.

When I have covered these core aspects, I work on creating daily templates of things to do for my work-related activities, prioritizing the important activities and staying focused while at work. This helps me become more fruitful at my workplace.

Finally, in my time management plan, I incorporate family time. This, to me, is absolutely essential. We often underestimate the role familial bond plays on our entire well-being. We really do need to take cognizance of that because a happy family translate to a happy you, and a happy you brightens up the workplace and ensures more productivity. I share these nuggets to help you lay down plans that can potentially enable you achieve that success you have been waiting for.

I want you to be success-driven.