Scholarship award programs for undergraduates.


VHF sponsors skills acquisition for youth


Infrastructure, sustainable development in communities.


The VICTOR & HELEN FOUNDATION (VHF) is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profitable Charity Organization. The VHF was founded in July, 2016 by Mr. Victor Ekpenyong, who has the vision and mission to promote the values of the youth who cannot afford their educational responsibilities by offering them with scholarship programs, to support the poor and less-privileged by providing them with skills acquisition and empowerment programs to developing their talents, and giving financial support for business etc. VHF is based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

What We Do

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do. So we came in to bridge that gap where others cannot reach to help the needy in order to ease their everyday lives. Every year, we develop and execute projects that really affects the lives of the people, positively. That is what we stand for.

Our Vision

The vision of Victor and Helen Foundation (VHF) is to ensure that every qualified and less-privileged person in communities are reached with supports for enhanced standard of living.

Our Mission

The mission of Victor and Helen Foundation (VHF) is propelled by its vision. This mission is:

  • To elevate the poor standard of living by offering sustainable empowerment
  • To aid in the education of the less privileged and qualified ones by offering scholarship
  • To provide skills acquisition centres to promote job opportunities for the youth
  • To provide support to public institutions


Victor and Helen Foundation (VHF) was founded by Mr. Victor Ekpenyong, an indigene of Ini LGA in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He is Married to Mrs. Helen Ekpenyong, a supporter of the foundation.


Infrastructural renovation of the Ini LGA Police HQ in Akwa Ibom state

The Victor and Helen foundation has extended their charity work to the Security arm of the Nigerian government through sponsoring the infrastructural renovation of the Ini Local Government Area police headquarters in Akwa Ibom state which was razed during an attack by...

VHF Awards Scholarships to Ibibio Students at the Ibibio Bible Quiz Competition

Victor Ekpenyong, the CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, has through its foundation, the Victor and Helen Foundation, awarded scholarship to 6 Ibibio teenagers for performing excellently at the Ibibio bible quiz held last Saturday, 28th of...

The US Election and the Oil and Gas Industry

  People have shown so much concern as regards the fate of the oil and gas industry in the next American administration. Due to Joe Biden’s leanings toward renewable energy, many people wrongly think his assuming office will swiftly put an end to the oil and gas...


 Nigeria has been its darkest since last Tuesday dawned on us with the Lekki killings which set the ball rolling for a series of gruesome events that have taken place—and are still taking place—all around the country. The youth have peacefully clamoured for a change,...

ENDSARS: Pay the Police Officers Well

For nearly 2 weeks, our country has been shaken to the core due to the passionate supplications from the Nigerian citizens as regards the nation-wide trend—#ENDSARS and #ENDSWAT. It is common knowledge that we have some bad eggs in the security system who have given...

EPISODE 5: Why You Need A Reward System As An Entrepreneur.

One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to create a reward system for the people that work for you. An entrepreneur is someone who has a dream—usually a big one—and is on a mission to achieve a desired goal. How they go about to achieve this goal is up...


In today’s piece, I have decided to share a pertinent issue concerning budding entrepreneurs (this includes anyone starting up a business regardless of their age). Based on the business proposals I have received from individuals seeking to either establish or...


Recently, I read the story of a young man who had escaped being aborted, got rejected by his bio樂威壯 logical parents, picked up and cared for by a Roman Catholic priest who ran an orphanage and an old people's home, and eventually adopted by a kind-hearted man. This...

Episode 2: Putting Your Family First

As an entrepreneur, I understand the need for me to use a friendly approach in my daily dealings with my employees. I believe that for me to lead my employees successfully, I need to pay attention to all their needs. When they aren’t performing optimally, I find out...

Episode 1: Time Management Tips for More Productivity

  In this world of increasing technological advancements, it amazes me how we, in this present time, still clamour for more time to help optimise our productivity. It seems as though we now live in a paradox of life. When we had crude technologies, we spent more...

Esther Okon

I am so overwhelmed! Just when I needed financial aid the most, VHF came up with the 2018 scholarship award opportunity, which I am glad that I participated in the exams and I made it to merit the award! I received the funds with gratitude. I want to say a very big “Thank you” to Victor and Helen Foundation

Scholarship Beneficiary

Udofia Marvellous Jonah

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of Victor and Helen Foundation for their generosity in funding me, for the scholarship received in 2018 (24th December) as part of my financial aid package. I feel very fortunate to have been selected as a recipient of the scholarship award.

Scholarship Beneficiary

2018 Scholarship Program

2018 Scholarship Program

In September 2018, a 1-Year Scholarship Program worth of One Million Naira (N1,000,000) was held for indigenes of Edem Idim Ibakasit in Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria where ten (10) beneficiaries were each awarded the sum of One Hundred Thousand...

2019 Road Intervention Project

2019 Road Intervention Project

The road intervention project, in the year 2019, was one of the most beneficial projects in Ibakasit community of Ini Local Government Area. Before the intervention, the road was not accessible to vehicles, flooding was an issue when it rained because of no drainage...


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