Victor Ekpenyong, the CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, has through its foundation, the Victor and Helen Foundation, awarded scholarship to 6 Ibibio teenagers for performing excellently at the Ibibio bible quiz held last Saturday, 28th of January 2022.

His aim is to encourage more young peo犀利士
ple to embrace their mother language to erase the stereotype of Ibibio as the language of the poor.

In a chat with Dr Ekpenyong, he stated that believes that more people should be encouraged to speak the Ibibio language. He equally added that more books should be written in Ibibio, and interesting best sellers can be translated to Ibibio as well.

He further encouraged young ones who want to study Ibibio linguistics and it’s literature in the university to do so, adding that such endeavour can ensure that the language is sustained and equally enriched over time.

Congratulations to the beneficiaries of the VHF initiatives.
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