One of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur is to create a reward system for the people that work for you. An entrepreneur is someone who has a dream—usually a big one—and is on a mission to achieve a desired goal. How they go about to achieve this goal is up to them. You need to have a strategic plan to help you actualize this dream. Jesus Christ is a case in point.
How is Jesus the biggest and the classic entrepreneur to have ever lived? Take a moment and think about this. Did you ever picture Jesus as an entrepreneur? Well, I will bring a credible analogy to help you visualize Jesus as an entrepreneur.
When Jesus came to earth, he came for a mission—to reconcile man back to God. He needed to realize that dream, and he made a great plan—a plan that heralded great things.
Jesus selected twelve persons to become his disciples; he became their teacher and led them with tender-loving care, teaching them all he knew in order to help them stand firm.
As an entrepreneur who wishes to build an empire, you need to start out like Jesus. You need to select your workers just as Jesus chose his disciples; you also have the responsibility to teach them and nurture them till they have become mature enough to become as great as you are.
Jesus played the role of a leader who demonstrates to his followers how things are optimally done; he didn’t sit on a high horse as a boss—who issues directives without properly guiding his followers—would. This is the mistake many entrepreneurs make. Most times some entrepreneurs hoard their knowledge and that always inevitably affect their businesses negatively. This is why as an entrepreneur; you need to send your staff members for frequent training. Let them know what you know so that they can better see your vision and mission and, eventually, help you to realize it.
If you don’t want your business to fold when you are no longer there or if you become incapable of doing the job due to certain conditions, you can rely on the people you have trained to continue the work in the exact same way you have always done it.
You remember that when Jesus was out of the scene, his disciples had already become well equipped to continue the task from where he had left off. Due to their prior training by Jesus, they were able to weather the storm through immense persecution. You have to understand that the journey to the top is tough and the terrains are rough, and so you need to help your workers navigate their way through the corporate world.
In addition to the teaching, you need to device ways to incentivize them—a reward system. Why did the disciples stay put even after Jesus had left them? They stayed put because of the incentive—a mansion in heaven. Jesus sold his vision pretty well to his disciples, and they felt it in their bones and knew they had to see to it that the vision is achieved. They agreed and accepted to die for this cause.
Take a moment and think. The people you have employed, how well do you remunerate them? Aside from the remuneration, do you pay attention to their needs? Do you help them solve their problems? When you haven’t done this well enough, you will see that the people who work for you won’t have your vision at heart. They will only be after what you pay them. And what’s worse is if you are the type of entrepreneur who hoards knowledge, this type of attitude can send your business crashing down from that high corporate hill.
One of Kenyon International’s policies dubbed ‘reward and recognition’ states that if you do something worthy of note, you will be rewarded for that. This simple incentivization motivates our staff members to do their best in their respective job descriptions.
Let’s take a look at Jesus for the last time. Peter told Jesus, ‘We forsook our family to follow you. What do you have for us? What will be our reward?’ Jesus re-echoed to Peter that there is a reward awaiting him in heaven. Do you see how this single statement motivated 12 persons to stir up a powerful movement? Even in the face of death, they trudged on unflinchingly, and the force with which they marched birthed an unprecedented movement—Christian必利勁
If you give reward to your followers, they will stay put to help you activate and actualize your dream.