As an entrepreneur, I understand the need for me to use a friendly approach in my daily dealings with my employees. I believe that for me to lead my employees successfully, I need to pay attention to all their needs.
When they aren’t performing optimally, I find out why their high spirits have hit rock bottom and their sparkling faces dim up.
I lead my workforce in the same manner I lead my family. I play the role of a father who genuinely has the interest of his entire household at heart. This I do because I understand the biblical principle spelt out in the book of first Timothy which says and I paraphrase: ‘HE THAT VIES FOR THE POST OF A BISHOP MUST BE A MAN THAT HAS CONTROL OVER HIS HOUSEHOLD.’
You realise that Scripture enshrines this single idea as the most basic characteristic a leader should possess. People from unstable homes find it hard to reach their optimum productive level. This means that people who are emotionally unstable family-wise won’t contribute fantastic ideas to the growth of the establishment they work for because a huge chunk of their environment doesn’t enable them to think critically.
We are humans who are affected by our psyche. This is the reason why an entrepreneur needs to have the basic idea of human psychology as regards  the workplace. In my early days as a budding entrepreneur, I learnt from different books that if someone is emotionally and psychologically down, they can’t do their best. This is the major reason why entrepreneurs need to be empathetic.
As an entrepreneur, you can’t keep firing people without finding the root-cause of their problem. You know full well that Mr. A has been performing so well for the past 6 months and, all of a sudden, he slackens, and all you can think of is to fire him and replace him with someone whom you deem more qualified—a human robot that never breaks down. It is such a terrible idea, believe me. Honestly speaking, entrepreneurs who behave like this unknowingly set their firms on a bumpy ride down a hill into a filth-filled ditch.
How have I managed to keep my employees’ spirits high at my workplace? It is simple. I do not only enquire about my employees’ wellbeing, I also enquire about their families too. Sometimes, an employee comes to work burdened with family issues, thinking about his children’s school fees, her sick ch犀利士
ild, the daily fights with her husband, his wife who nags all the time and so on.
It is your responsibility as a leader to find out what is going on in their lives and help them arrest the situation before it causes a potential glitch to the daily operations of your work. I don’t mean you should rudely intrude into their lives, but I am sure if you have created such a peaceful ambience for them, they will be quite open with you about their personal issues.
Finally, the coronavirus pandemic has taught us a big lesson about what is important in our lives. Some employees go to work to find solace from their family; even after the day is over, they spend time at the office idling away or go hang out somewhere and wait till 11PM so they could sneak in and hit the sacks as quickly as possible. Coronavirus had them face their fears in ways they never imagined.
It is important that you surround your family with a healthy ambience so that you can always be happy going home to meet them. As I said in the first episode of my Start up Gang nuggets, ‘A HAPPY HOME TRANSLATE TO A HAPPY YOU, AND A HAPPY YOU BRIGHTENS UP T犀利士
To all entrepreneurs, your employees’ happiness should be all that matters to you. Treat them like a good father would treat his children, and they will give you their best.