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2019 Road Intervention Project

The road intervention project, in the year 2019, was one of the most beneficial projects in Ibakasit community of Ini Local Government Area. Before the intervention, the road was not accessible to vehicles, flooding was an issue when it rained because of no drainage system. Life was very challenging for the inhabitants of that community when it comes to travelling to and from the community to other towns and villages.

After the completion of the intervention project, the entire community was in jubilation as they could now have access to the main road, driving without hitch, and the flooding problem being addressed as a drainage system was put in place to control flood and erosion.

once again, Victor and Helen Foundation has got the needs of the people in heart.

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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do. So we came in to bridge that gap where others cannot reach to help the needy in order to ease their everyday lives. Every year, we develop and execute projects that really affects the lives of the people, positively. That is what we stand for.

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